What is Fidonet in simple words?

Fidonet is an amateur network and for all its members it is a bit of a hobby. All participants use their time and opportunities to ensure that the entire network works for the benefit of her users. The network, in turn, provides users with a convenient and effective means for mutually beneficial exchange of information. Users on the network correspond under their own names and have personal addresses.

Fidonet - ColdED

GoldED — popular post editor for Fidonet and compatible networks.

Thematic conferences and personal correspondence are the main content of the network. But unlike the Internet, there is no advertising, spam and repeatedly duplicated useless information.

Fidonet - Private message

Example of correspondence on the network.

A bit more

As mentioned above, Fidonet is an international amateur computer network built on point-to-point technology. Initially, FidoNet software was developed for MS-DOS, but was soon ported to all common operating systems, including UNIX, GNU / Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS / 2, Android, and Mac OS.

The network was most popular in the early 1990s (in the former USSR - until the end of the 1990s), after which, due to the massive spread of Internet technologies, the reduction in the number of network nodes began. But the network still continues to operate successfully and in May 2009 it consisted of more than 5500 nodes.

A feature of FidoNet, which determined the wide distribution of this network, was the complete actual free connection and use of network resources. The participants needed only a communication channel in the form of a telephone line (the fee for a landline telephone was usually fixed). Later, Internet lines were increasingly used to send Fido data.

To connect to the network, it is enough to download a set of programs, the links to the directories of which are provided below, install it on a computer running Windows, Linux, or on a smartphone. Follow the initial instructions during the installation process and request a point address. It is also possible to connect additional links if you are already on the network and want to change the hub.

About us

This site was created in order to get acquainted with the network and attract new members. The Fidonet network is an interesting, fascinating and very unusual way of communication, which is fundamentally different from the Internet. All participants in the network are close-minded people, your age or your education is not important. Join and surprise your friends and acquaintances with a new method of communication on the Fidonet network.

We will help you with all questions with the connection. We will be glad to see You in our network!

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